You’re Engaged! Now What?

He popped the question. You said yes. Hooray! You’re engaged! Here’s what to do next (you know, right after you call your mom)   Call your VIPs before changing your Facebook status. Phone your family and close friends, especially those who played wingwomen during your single years. You’ll want to hear their genuine excitement when you tell them

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Let’s Talk Budget…

A bridal gown is a big ticket purchase these days, with prices for couture gowns by the top designers like Vera and Oscar commonly reaching into the $10,000 range (yes, really!).  Before you start shopping for a gown – well, before you do ANY wedding planning, really – you should sit down with your fiance and anyone

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Wedding Dress Styles

As every bride or future-bride knows, choosing the right dress is one of the most important decisions of the wedding-planning process. Experts say it is best to have some idea of what you want before you hit the stores. At the same time, don’t be afraid to try on a wide range of styles, because

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