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We’re blushing: How to use blush tones in your wedding

Designers and brides have found a wedding color they can commit to: blush. Shades of blush ranging from a rosy beige to a bolder soft pink have become such a wedding fixture that we think it’s safe to say the color has officially moved past trendy to become a new classic.

Blush first started making its mark in the bridal fashion world a few years ago, maybe because it’s so flattering—the right tone brings out your skin’s natural glow.

The earlier crop of blush dresses leaned into the neutral side, stepping away from white without fully embracing color. Perhaps heartened by steady demand for the looks, these days more designers are introducing the color as an option in a widening range of silhouettes and exploring the full spectrum of its related hues, including peachy shades and brighter pinks. Essentially, brides looking to blush have never had more diverse, flattering options.

Of course, there are plenty of ways big and small to work the color into your wedding without opting for a blush dress.

Color palette. Since blush can act as a neutral while still packing some personality, it’s a natural additional to many color palettes. Pair it with a metallic (it’s striking alongside gold) or use it opposite a darker, more masculine color like gray or navy. It also pops against green, making it ideal to incorporate into outdoor weddings. And bonus: It won’t show dirt quite as easily as white or ivory. (Need inspiration? Check out how Savvy Bride Emily Snow incorporated blush into her stunning backyard nuptials.)

Bridesmaids dresses. For a big impact, choose bridesmaids dresses in the hue. The right shade can flatter a wide range of skin tones without pulling attention away from the star of the show—you!

Accessories and beauty. It’s a sweet and subtle complement to white, so pick a blush tone for your manicure and pedicure, a pair of heels or bridal belt. Don delicate jewelry in blush’s metallic cousin, rose gold, which can also find its way into your wedding day beauty look—makeup artists love the natural radiance delivered by rose gold highlighter.

Florals. One of the easiest ways incorporate blush is to lean into its inherent sense of romance with flowers, which can make for breathtaking bouquets, boutonnieres and arrangements. We particularly love the look of pink roses, dahlias and peonies.

Dessert. The versatile color even makes for a beautiful addition to the dessert table. A quick Pinterest search pulls up tons of cake inspiration, from those covered in blush rosettes to naked cakes decorated with a cascade of colorful flowers to bolder ombre looks. Or keep you cake a bit more traditional and inject other sweets offered, like cake pops or macarons, with the color burst. 

Have you fallen for blush? Tell us in the comments!

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