Not Your Ordinary


With all of the new trends for your wedding day it would remise to consider your big day just ordinary. There is a saying that goes “Blame it On Society”. Well since we deal in the wedding industry I think it would be more fitting to say, ‘Blame it on Social Media’. However, in this

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Going Crazy for Geodes

I loved collecting rocks growing up. Every time I went outside, I found another ten or more rocks to add to my collection. My favorite rocks, though, were the smooth and colorful rocks that you can purchase at museums and other places. As I got older I slowly stopped collecting rocks. Lately, though, I have

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Weddings Around the World

Television shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Four Weddings” have given most people a one-sided view of weddings. These shows have shown that most weddings in the United States are big, expensive, glamorous, and filled with light colors. However, weddings are different throughout the world. There are so many cultures in the world

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