Copper: The Urban Wedding Accent

Urban-style weddings are becoming more and more popular, especially in cities. Venues with exposed brick, concrete floors, and cool windows are everywhere. Copper is the perfect accent color/metal to accompany these urban weddings. Copper is a trendy, alternative option to the more mainstream metals like silver and gold. Copper is brassy, beautiful, and fresh. Copper

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Glamorize and Accessorize

Accessories can turn the simplest dress into the most glamorous dress. There are tons of great bridal accessories. There are various veil lengths and types, belts, headpieces, tiaras, jewelry, and more. Accessory trends change just as rapidly as gown trends. Unfortunately, most brides aren’t as aware of accessory trends as they are of gown trends.

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All About the Bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids are arguably the most difficult people to shop for in your wedding. Finding a dress that compliments everyone’s body types and that has a color that compliments everyone’s skin tone is next to impossible. Some brides also like to give gifts to their bridesmaids to show their appreciation. This gift can also be a

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