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Does size matter? Engagement Ring that is!

loveSo I could literally spend hours scrolling and scrolling through boards of engagement rings on Pinterest.  Some people might find it odd but my friends and family understand my obsession. They figured if they can’t beat me they would join me so they of course participate in my obsession by sending me beautiful rings via text message, Facebook, Instagram and of course Pinterest.  Confession, when I am with one of my friends to get their rings cleaned in the jewelry store I end up high jacking their appointments to try on rings for myself. BUT in my defense I just simply start to look over into the jewelry case and the sales associate offers to let me try on the rings. Now of course I will not decline their offer.


Now, lets talk about the evolution of my obsession for engagement rings. It all started probably when I got my first promise ring. (Yes, first meaning there was more than one promise ring but thats a different blog.)  I used to be obsessed with over the top rings I’m talking “Atlanta Housewives” sized rings. Big and in your face type!


But I have evolved and I can appreciate a more classic and timeless look. Some of my favorites these days are the solitaire design, Princess cut, pear shape also known as tear drop, the Marquise and cushion shape.  I don’t really have a preference on the color. However, I tend to take a liking to white gold or platinum.




Isn’t she gorgeous! Simple yet elegant! The Solitaire shape with a diamond studded band.



Simply beautiful!!! Better known as the cushion cut (round).


Last but not least the pear shape also known as the tear drop shape. Makes my heart skip a beat every time.

Last but not least the pear shape also known as the tear drop shape. Makes my heart skip a beat every time.

My obsession with rings may be slightly unhealthy but I know I don’t stand alone in this.  So my fellow ring lovers I know you are out there, so keep on pinning! If you aren’t already engaged “the precious” is coming and those who are already engaged are married, rock that bling girl!!!


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