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Heat-Proof Your Wedding Look

Heat-proof your summer wedding

Summer is Here…

We’d like to have a word with whoever decided wedding season should coincide with summer’s most blisteringly hot months. Although warm temperatures and sunshine can make for a beautiful outdoor wedding, they can also wreak havoc on your look, whether you’re the bride or simply a guest.

Read on for our tips on staying cool and collected even when the heat is turned up.


The good news? You have plenty of hot summer days to test out makeup looks and see how they hold up. Look for waterproof products and read online reviews before you buy to see what real people say about their experiences—or better yet, hit up beauty stores to see if they offer complimentary samples of the items you’re interested in. Some of our favorites:

  • Estēe Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, which works on a wide range of skin types (if you don’t believe us, skim the more than 3,000 four and five-star reviews).
  • CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara, for full lashes that won’t leave you with sweat (or tear!) streaks and won’t break the bank.
  • Cargo Swimmables Water-Resistant Blush, which lives up to its name with silicone-coated pigments that provide extended wear.

If you have a makeup artist getting you ready for the big day, be sure to let them know how you react to heat—whether it’s dripping sweat, intense redness, an oily T-zone or all of the above—so they can plan accordingly. Ask to test the look on a day and at a time when you can wear it in circumstances that will closely mimic the wedding day for good measure.

Heat-proof your makeup for your wedding


In many locales (especially here in Kansas City), along with heat comes humidity, dreaded wrecker of carefully-styled tresses. The sad-but-true fact: For many of us, how humidity affects our hair will determine the looks we can wear, even with the best products in the world backing us up. For best results, pick a ’do with your texture in mind. Braided styles can be great for taming frizz and flyaways and simple updos look elegant while ensuring your hair isn’t picking up any sweat from the back of your neck.

Heat-proof your body for your wedding


Even if you can successfully wrangle your hair and makeup into submission, there’s the dreaded body sweat to contend with, and white just so happens to be the world’s most unforgiving color on this front. Start by applying deodorant the night before, which gives it more time to absorb, making active ingredients more effective. Then before getting dressed, sprinkle on a cornstarch-based powder wherever needed to stay dry. If possible, consider making a wardrobe change between the ceremony and reception to slip into something a little breezier (especially if you’re the bride).


Heatproof your flowers for your wedding day.

You aren’t the only thing wilting in the heat—flowers will too. You can give yourself less of an uphill battle by picking

 hearty plants from the get-go, like super trendy succulents. Ensure that your arrangements aren’t being dropped off too

 far in advance and get set in chilled water and avoid direct 

sunlight once they do arrive. Think back to your high school dance days and keep any boutonnieres in the fridge, and keep your bouquet in a cool, dark room for as long as possible. Spritzing blooms with spray bottle of water periodically can also help keep them looking lively longer.

Do you have any summer wedding hacks? Let us know what they are in the comments!


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