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Let’s Talk Gifts: Our Fav Wedding Registries

wedding gift couple

Wedding gifts are more than gifts

Wedding gifts are more than material items from your friends and family. Wedding gifts are thoughtful items that you have chosen with your fiance to help start your new life together. When I was planning my wedding, I became so overwhelmed by the gift registry process. Where should we register? How many place settings do we need? Is this avocado peeler just a cool kitchen gadget or do we need it in our house? Should I register for honeymoon money instead? These are questions that go through every bride-to-be’s mind. Below are some of our favorite gift registries for couples and what makes them so amazing.

wedding gift couple

Crate & Barrel

I have recommended to countless brides that they start their wedding registry process at a Crate & Barrel Private Registry Event. At these events private events that occur before store hours, Crate & Barrel employees welcome couples with treats and information to get your registry started. You then get a tour of the store to help you know where the most popular registry items are located. After your tour, you scan away on the company’s registry app to begin your registry. Crate & Barrel employees are extremely accessible and able to advise couples on what they should need to begin their lives together. There are also drawings all around the store for expensive items, like a Kitchen Aid Mixer. At the end of the event, you and your fiance will go home with a thoughtful gift from the store and information to take home. This event was one of my favorite parts of my wedding planning journey, and I highly recommend it!

wedding gift couple


Who doesn’t love Target? Their easy-to-use wedding registry app makes the company even more lovable. To register for wedding gifts at Target, you don’t even need to go into a store–you can choose items for your registry from the comfort of your own couch. The beauty of registering at Target is that the items are tremendously affordable for your guests. All of their kitchenware is beautiful and a great price. There are also stunning choices of bedding, linens, and anything else you might need for your home.

Zola Honeymoon Fund

While Zola can be used for any type of wedding registry, the company also has a honeymoon fund. With more couples living together before tying the knot, people don’t need as many housewarming items as they used to. Zola is a convenient and smart way for those couples to receive money toward their trip or certain activities to do on their honeymoon. You and your fiance can choose if you’d like your guests to put money toward the honeymoon as a whole or toward a hot air balloon ride or breakfast in bed.

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Registering for wedding gifts is a fun part of wedding planning that your fiance can have a part in. It is so nice to plan your future together and to choose what you will need as you merge your lives. Where are your favorite wedding registries? What items will you be registering for? Let us know in the comments!

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