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Newest Wedding Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Unusual Desserts

Best Wedding Trends in Kansas City

Weddings used to be fairly simple: You would wear a white wedding dress and veil, get married in a church, and then have some wedding cake while your guests danced the night away. Nowadays, the rules regarding weddings have relaxed and new trends have emerged. Here are the newest and hottest trends in the Kansas City area.

What’s Hot:

  • Back Necklaces: This is a trend that has emerged because of the very popular low-back gowns that brides have craved recently. The back necklace emphasizes the bride’s shapely and open back while also giving the bride more opportunity to wear more bling. It’s also another way to buck tradition- this is the perfect accessory for the bride that doesn’t want a veil but still wants to have a little sparkle on her back.


  • Colored Wedding Gowns: Gone are the days where brides are expected to only wear stark white gowns. Soft ivory, light blush, and champagne are only a few of the colors that the wedding gown industry has made a reality over the past decade. Randy Fenoli, the famous Fashion Director on TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” even designed a blue wedding gown for his newest collection.
Tess and her colored wedding gown

Photo by Tandeleya Guizar from Studio-Di

  • Unusual Desserts: This has probably been one of the more fun trends that has arrived at weddings in the 2000s. Instead of having the traditional wedding cake, couples will mix it up by having donut walls, ice cream, cake pops or even decorated pies. The ice cream desserts have become especially popular in the summer when guests need a little something to cool off. Guests can even get a wooden popsicle stick to eat it with that’s inscribed with the bride and groom’s name on it as a fun keepsake. 


  • Choreographed Wedding Dances- Although not every bride and groom decide to “get down” on the dance floor, the newest trend is choreographed dances at the beginning of receptions. After they get done with the toasts and the groom is about to go on a “scavenger hunt” for the garter, the groom and groomsmen may show off some funny pre-planned moves in an attempt to embarrass the bride (and/or invoke lots of laughter from the guests). There are even some father-daughter duos that will choreograph their first dance.

What’s Not:

  • Fully beaded gowns: For a while, crystal embellished wedding gowns were all the rage! Whether it was a mermaid dress that showed off all the bride’s curves or a ball gown that was the picture perfect image of a princess, they were decked out from head to toe. Recently, there have been a lot of brides that have been going against the grain and saying that less is more. For example, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle went with a classic satin wedding gown with only a diamond tiara and veil as adornment and a silk halter fit and flare gown for her reception. I think we can all agree that she looked stunning!
Lace wedding gown

Photo by Lininger Rood Photography

  • One Bridesmaids Dress- For the longest time bridesmaids have been expected to wear the same bridesmaids dress as the other women in the bridal party. Recently, though, brides have been saying “so long” to this tradition. Instead, they have been color coordinating different hues and beaded effects so that each girl can feel beautiful no matter her shape and can wear a dress that’s flattering to her body. This trend looks pretty spectacular in the bridal pictures, too.
Lauren and her bridesmaids

Photo by Mel Watson Photography

Wedding trends come and go, but your wedding will be beautiful as long as you love it. Enjoy your special day, and don’t worry too much about the wedding trends. The most important part of your wedding is that you’re marrying your best friend. What wedding trends are most important for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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