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With all of the new trends for your wedding day it would remise to consider your big day just ordinary. There is a saying that goes “Blame it On Society”. Well since we deal in the wedding industry I think it would be more fitting to say, ‘Blame it on Social Media’. However, in this case it would be a positive thing.  Inspired by my sister’s passion for sneakers mixed with small obsession with shoes I thought this weeks blog would be best to talk about Wedding Day shoe wear.


Seems most Brides like to take a more sensible approach and they are ditching the 4 inch heels for a comfy pair of sneakers. Seems like the style of the couple determines the shoe selections. For instance, the groom may be what you call a “sneaker enthusiast” so his passion my for sneakers is what fuels the creativity of the bridal party to not only stand out but make a statement.


One of the most popular sneakers in history by far has to be the Air Jordan and lots of bridal parties have chosen to incorporate the popular sneaker into their big day.



Other factors that influence the shoe statement of the bridal party is the venue. Some couples may choose to get married on outdoors for a more rustic feel and if you grew up on a farm it feels like ‘home’.  Besides being outside in the dirt and possible mud you won’t have to worry about your heels sinking into the mud or dirt in a fancy pair of cowboy boots.

wedding gown and boots

Another point to add is that most Brides don’t want to run the risk of being taller than their significant other so they may opt for wearing a flat dress shoe or Converse. Not to mention the gorgeous wedding line of Keds by Kate Spade. Still feminine and glitzy yet comfortable.


So you see flats or sneakers are not just the reception alternative. Brides are opting for the comfort from beginning to the end of their special day!


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