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Say “Yes” to Your Pets

Before there’s a man in the picture, most of us have a pet as our partner-in-crime. I am completely in love with my two dogs, cat, and tortoise, and I know I’m not the only one. Brides everywhere have pets that they love. These pets range from dogs, to goats, to pigs. Lately, I’ve seen a ton of brides incorporating their beloved pets into their weddings. Whether they have their dog be their ring bearer or have their pig be their flower girl, pets are definitely a hot wedding trend right now.


Wedding guru David Tutera has some great advice when it comes to including pets in a wedding. Tutera is a famous celebrity wedding planner with a lot of knowledge in the wedding industry. On one of Tutera’s blog posts, he says that he has professionally planned numerous weddings that feature pets. David Tutera’s suggestions are for the bride and groom to avoid walking their pet down the aisle (someone else should take care of your pet throughout the day), to have the pet be quietly taken away from the stage area by an usher once the ceremony starts, and to not let the pet outshine the bride and groom. I have no doubt that your pets are adorable, but your wedding day is really all about you and your guy.

Some other suggestions to consider before inviting your pet to have a have a role in your big day are:

1. Will your pet be happy being in the ceremony?

Think about your pet’s personality. Is (s)he happy and nice around people or is (s)he mean and angry around people? Your pet may be excited and loving toward you and your family, but consider how your pet reacts with hundreds of strangers.


2. Are you planning on dressing up your pet?

If you are planning on putting some wedding attire on your pet, make sure it fits well and your pet is comfortable. If your pet is not comfortable in his/her outfit, don’t dress him/her up. There is no reason to make your pet suffer for style.


3. Mention that your pet will be a part of your wedding in your invitations.

You never know who might be allergic to pets. In order to avoid putting your guests in danger, inform your guests of your pet being at the ceremony.


Pets make everyone happy. There is nothing better than watching a cute animal walk down the aisle to celebrate the best day of its owners’ lives. If you have a pet that you love, consider incorporating him/her into your wedding. Just be sure to consider the items in this post, as well.

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