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Taking a Closer Look at the Top Pinterest Trends of 2018

We’ve noticed brides tend to view Pinterest as both their best friend and their worst enemy. But if there’s one thing the platform is good for, it’s providing fresh ideas, and Pinterest recently shared its top 100 trends to try in 2018. While there wasn’t a dedicated wedding section, we spotted quite a few predictions backed by global data that you may want to pin.


One fashion trend ruled above all others on the list when it came to user interest—statement earrings. The same styling rules apply to wearing them on your wedding day or for a night out: Big, bold earrings pair best with a simple outfit. Another look to watch out for? Side slits, which can add unexpected edge and visual interest to any garment. If you opt for the style, just make sure your slits aren’t so high they prevent you from enjoying any wedding festivities (or demurely taking a seat).

And never fear, gents, you’re not left out! Guys are going dapper, with a growing number of people searching for wardrobe enhancers like cufflinks, glasses and rings. We love the thought of grooms showing their personal style and adding these touches into the mix on the big day.


pinterest beauty trendThe past few years have been all about the brow, but all eyes are on lush lashes for 2018. They pair perfectly with another of the year’s trends to try, a sheer or matte lip tint, which adds color without requiring the maintenance of lipstick.

Another way to nail the year’s beauty trends? Negative space or geometric nail art. We recommend sticking with a neutral color palette to avoid making your manicure the center of attention.


Party perfect

pinterest balloon trendWhether you’ve decided not to serve alcohol or simply want to offer guests a fun alternative to booze, mocktails—alcohol-free cocktails—are a fun and tasty option. (Check out some of our other wedding day booze suggestions here.)

From the bar to balloons, another of Pinterest’s most searched trends takes inflatables to new heights. Filled with flowers, foliage or glitter, a fancy batch of balloons seem destined to be the “pop” stars of your décor.

We’re also smitten with the idea of guests leaving their good wishes on items that double as decorations, like giant Jenga blocks they can enjoy during the wedding and you can enjoy afterward.


pinterest honeymoon trend

After you say “I do,” say yes to dessert—actually, make that desert. Desert destinations like Morocco, Dubai and Joshua Tree are piquing interest on Pinterest and make for off-the-beaten-path honeymoon destinations. Or opt for increasingly popular Mexico City, which boasts beautiful beaches, delicious street food and ancient pyramids.

For one of the year ahead’s other top travel trends, look to the past: History buffs are making their passion for seeing noteworthy sights a priority, visiting ancient sites as well as old-world Europe on vacation.

Take a look at Pinterest’s full list of trends and let us know what you’re most looking forward to trying!

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