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The Groom Matters too!!

The Groom

So we all know that when it comes to the wedding day or anything leading up to the event, the men are usually the last to get involved or receive much attention.  So I thought of some ways to surprise your groom and make hims feel special too.


  1. Special Delivery- The day of your wedding depending on the venue, wherever the groom is getting ready send him room service.  If there maybe isn’t a hotel that your wedding is at utilize some sort of delivery service like “Postmates”or the equivalent. He won’t see it coming and your surprise will help to ease some of his nerves if he is distracted by a nice
  2. Be Sneaky– Not a lot of grooms pay attention to the details of the ‘extras’ on the wedding day. So you could buy him some personalized socks, cuff links, photography, art or a handkerchief for the tears he will shed when he see’s you on the “first look” or walking down the aisle.
  3. “Let me upgrade ya” – Whatever it is that your future husband may be into like maybe watches, sneakers, etc. Take that love for whatever it is and make it a special gift.  So maybe your groom is into watches maybe find his favorite brand and purchase one that will match his look on the wedding
  4. Make a Vow– In case you and your groom may not be exchanging personalized vowels in front of your family and friends at the ceremony take that opportunity to write a special letter to him.  Recruit the best man to make sure that your groom gets the letter and reads it by himself alone.  You want to make sure he gets that intimate moment with no distractions.groom-reading-letter

Regardless of all the fuss that is made over you as the bride that day at least your groom will know that you were thinking of him too.



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