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The Groom’s Head-To-Toe Guide for Getting Ready

groom got groomed for his wedding.

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on the bride. She has enough to do to get herself ready for the nuptials, without having to worry about what her groom will look like as she heads down the aisle. So, we have made a head-to-toe guide to help you prep for the big day!


As a guy, you might not think that your hair is something you have to think about months in advance of your wedding, but I hate to break it to you, it is. If you want to try a new cut or style, it’s something you should practice a few months in advance. Imagine waiting until the day of your wedding to get a cut and showing up in front of your beautiful bride with a bad ‘do. Yikes! Also, stick to the hair styling products you know and love already to get the job done. Bonus tip – if you’re no good at styling your hair, head to your barber the morning of and let them stress about getting your hair right.


There will be hundreds of close-up photos of you and your bride, you will thank yourself for years to come when you have a nice shaven and well moisturized face. Start by using a new, sharp razor to shave your face. Whether you want a clean shave or close lines along your facial hair, you need high quality products to achieve the best look. Help moisturize your face while shaving by using a hydrating shave cream. The day of your wedding, stick to products you trust to avoid unwanted breakouts. Start with a hydrating cleanser and top with a well-loved face cream, it’s that simple! Just because it’s your wedding, you don’t need to make it any more complicated than you normally would.

Groom getting groomed for his wedding


Banish the nerves of getting married by receiving a massage. If you have time, getting a massage the day of your wedding will help you to feel, and look, your best. There’s tons of options for getting a massage these days, so it’s easier than ever to relax. You can head to a spa, for the ultimate retreat, but it may be nice to save this experience for the honeymoon. A lot of hair and nail salons offer massages and other services from licensed massage therapists and estheticians. Also, there may even be massage therapists local to you that work out of their home or even perform house calls! This will be a treat to yourself that will help you feel relaxed and look confident for your wedding.


The devil is in the details when it comes to looking and feeling your best. Tackling the smallest details in your look, like your nails, will help you feel and look confident. Going to a nail technician will always give you the best end result and offer you a nice break from the stress of wedding planning. However, if you feel self-conscious, you can always DIY a mani/pedi at home. All you need to do is cut/file your nails, clip your cuticles, and moisturize your hands and feet. Paying attention to small details like this will show your bride you take pride in how you look for her.

groom got his hands groomed for the wedding.

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