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Wedding Day Accessories: Less is More!


For a lot of “Brides-to-be” out there, after purchasing or even during the purchase of your dream dress you have to consider the accessories you will use to complete your look, right?  Just wanted to leave some of my personal tips about accessorizing for your big day.


Earrings and Necklace:  With jewelry it all depends on the dress and your personal preference.  For some there might be a family heirloom passed down like a pair of earrings that used to belong to a great grandmother and all of the women in the family wear them on their wedding.  The size of the earring will also depend on the type of necklace you choose.  If your earrings are medium to large then I would opt for a simple necklace.


Veils:  The Wedding Veil is also an item that some families pass down as a tradition.  So just a few pointers so that you don’t over do it in the veil arena.  If your gown has a lot of embellishment, try not to compete by having a lot of beading on your gown.  The same rule of thumb for a full lace gown. I would recommend a veil with plain tulle. A veil with lace trim is more of a balanced look with a gown with just the lace applique.



Bolero/Fur:  Another popular accessory for those brides that want to add to their look for the ceremony and then maybe remove for the reception.  The fur is usually worn depending on what season the wedding is.


Belts: A belt has the tendency to add a touch a glam to a very simple gown.  Most gowns don’t need belts but a lot of brides like to add the belt to help show off their waistline to help provide a little more definition.  Belts are one of my favorite accessory and usually help to complete the look and pull it all together.


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