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Wedding Day Beauty

There’s no doubt about it: Your dress is the star of the show on your wedding day. But while you may have grown up thinking about that very important style moment, you probably gave a lot less consideration to the supporting players of your look on the big day—hair, makeup and nails. While the direction you go will be influenced by your gown and wedding aesthetic, these of-the-moment bridal beauty trends will have you looking gorgeous.

natural wedding hairHair

So long, dramatic updo. Sayonara, teased tresses. Today, more brides are opting for unfussy styles that embrace their natural hair texture—because you have enough on your plate without having to fight against what your hair wants to do. Instead, focus on making your hair look its best. Free flowing locks can make a structured dress feel more romantic. Got a neckline that demands to be shown or prefer to keep all the focus on your gorgeous face? Simple updos are the way to go—they feel polished but not prim if you allow your texture and a few flyaway strands to make an appearance rather than going for a sleek style.

On the other end of the trend spectrum, we have accessories—for when you want to turn heads with your hair. While some brides feel drawn to a flower crown, there are other ways to rock the look that feel a little less boho. Embellished headbands, bejeweled hair combs and bold clips add oomph to your ‘do. And if flowers are part of your dream look, think beyond a floral headpiece to options like a single statement making bloom or a few small carefully placed buds woven into a dreamy pulled back style. (Just keep in mind how accessories will work with your veil if you plan to wear one.)


Looking like your most beautiful self should be the goal of the day. That’s why so many brides opt for a natural makeup look—light coveragenatural wedding makeup foundation (if your complexion allows), gently applied blush, defined brows and lips with just a hint of color make you look gorgeous yet recognizable. Neutral, matte eyes fit perfectly with the aesthetic, and many bridal designers sent their models down the runway this spring with soft brown lids and liner, enhancing eyes without relying on sparkle. 

Another beauty trend draws inspiration from nature itself—we’re talking about berry lips, the most searched-for bridal lip color on Pinterest. A lip and cheek stain gives you a healthy flush that looks more like the product of a walk outside than hours spent in the makeup chair. Plus, did we mention many stains are more kiss-proof than lipstick?

natural wedding nailsNails

For all the attention a bride’s ring gets, nails receive surprisingly little wedding day love. Sure, there’s always the tasteful neutral manicure, but your nails are also an area where you can have a little fun with your look. We love the look of a rose gold or blush polish to add a little color, but for something more unexpected, consider neutral nail art. Subtle enough that you don’t have to worry about your photos looking dated, designs applied in shades that match your skin tone can be a nod to your personal style.

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Day Beauty

  1. I definitely agree that you should look like your most beautiful self on your wedding day! I think it’s important to not go too crazy with the makeup because you want to still look like yourself. But it can be so fun to be in such a pretty, modest wedding dress all done up!

  2. Lovely. I like the idea of being a bit more experimental with your nail colour. Rose gold would look fantastic with rose gold accessories. You could even take it one step further and play around with a contrasting metallic in any colour!

  3. I unquestionably concur that you should resemble your most lovely self on your big day! I believe it’s vital to not run excessively insane with the cosmetics since you need to in any case look like yourself. Be that as it may, it tends to be so amusing to be in such an entirely, unassuming wedding dress all done up!

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