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Wedding Dress Shopping With Mom

Bride and Mother

One of the things most brides look forward to is dress shopping! Dress shopping is usually a time for the mother and daughter to bond while selecting the gown of her dreams for a very special day.

There are different types of ‘Mothers of the Bride’ out there whom I encounter on a daily basis and let me tell you sometimes you never know what you are going to get.

So one of the common things I notice between a Bride and her mother is disagreeing on the style of wedding dress. Mom has an idea of what she wants to see her daughter and and the Bride has a different vision of the gown she always pictured herself in.  Of course we all know that it’s about what the Bride wants but I find that for most brides if their mom is purchasing the gown they tend to cater more to what mom wants versus what they want.  It is perfectly fine to value your mothers opinion of what she wants you to wear you just have to find that common ground.

Remember to be open and try other silhouettes outside of what you would normally try.  This way if she is just dying to see you in a ball gown if you don’t like it she will be happy you tried for her or you may end up liking that style.


If you find that having your mother along with you when picking out a dress it is fine to venture off alone to figure out what YOU like.  If you find that you need someone to accompany take a really close friend and narrow it down to three of your favorite gowns.  Once  you have your favorite gown narrowed down invite your mother back to help you decide your number one pick!

Bride and Mother Moment

Everyone wins! Your mother has now been apart of the process and you have the gown of your dreams as well as your mothers stamp of approval.


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