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The wedding is Over. How to sell your wedding dress on Consignment

The wedding is over, and your bridal gown is taking up space in your new “shared” closet. If you’re thinking of selling your wedding gown here are a few tips to follow:

  • Wedding gowns are like cars – they have style years. They go down in value with each passing month.
  • The newer the style, the faster it will sell, and the more $ it will bring. Every bride wants the latest thing. Brides are currently looking for gown with straps, lace backs, and cap sleeves. These gowns have the greatest resale value as they are part of a new trend towards more demure styles.
  • Save all tags, receipts and alterations slips. This will help the bridal consignment shop to price your dress and advertise it.
  • Make sure the label is still sewn into the dress after alterations.
  • If you haven’t had your wedding gown cleaned, contact the consignment boutique to see if they have a suggestion or can arrange for discounted dry-cleaning.
  • If you have already had your dress cleaned, take the cover off it and check for condition issues. The best time to check is BEFORE you pay the cleaning bill and take it away from the dry cleaners.

Be realistic when the bridal consignment boutique tells you what the dress will bring on the resale market. You have to take off your “I paid this much for the dress” hat and put on your “how much would I pay for this used dress?” hat.

Selling your bridal gown is a great way to re-coup some of your wedding expense. The new bride will appreciate your great taste and perhaps be able to buy a bridal gown that her budget would not have otherwise been able to afford.

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