You’ve waited a very long time for this special day… YOUR WEDDING DAY. Come to find out it goes by so quickly you can hardly remember every detail you spent countless hours planning. We wanted to share our top three tips we wished we knew to focus on before – and during! – your special day!

  • Spend your money on the photographer and the DJ; that’s all you will have time to remember and/or enjoy. Also, put a bride’s maid in charge of keeping a drink in your hand, before the night is up you will realize you haven’t been able to finish a single beverage!
  • Have someone tell you the time frequently throughout the day and night, that way time doesn’t disappear too much during your big day… It will  help you remember to live in the moment.
  • Video video video!!! The one thing we can personally attest too that we 100% regret not having a videographer. The day goes by so quickly..even if you have someone just record the ceremony, or the first day… even the first look…trust us find ways to cut corners on other things in the wedding but you must get a videographer.. you will not regret it!
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