Succulents are adorable little plants that are very trendy right now. When I was younger, my mom and I used to plant succulents in the garden. Now, though, succulents are used more for decoration inside the house. They come in cute individual pots that can sit anywhere in the house.

While flipping through a wedding magazine recently, I saw that a lot of brides are using succulents in their wedding bouquets. Some brides are completely replacing their flowers with succulents. Succulents add a uniqueness to a wedding bouquet. When I see succulents in a wedding bouquet, I immediately think of a fall or winter wedding. Succulents almost look frosted, making them perfect for cool weather. They look great with cool colors (deep purples, blues, greens, etc.) and with some deeper warm colors (golden yellow, maroon, etc.)


Succulents can be incorporated in much more than the bouquets. Succulents can be added to the centerpieces, can be part of the general decor of the ceremony and reception, and can even be used to inspire graphics for your invitations and programs. Succulents can even be added to an arch or to the alter at the ceremony. There are endless possibilities for these adorable and trendy plants.


I love that succulents go with some of the most popular wedding themes right now: rustic and industrial. If you are having one of these types of weddings, consider adding succulents as accents. You will surprise your guests with your creativity. Everyone loves to look at adorable little plants.

Love always,