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Affordable Wedding Dressses

At Savvy Bridal, we pride ourselves on giving every single bride that walks in to our boutique a one on one bridal experience. You will find a curated selection of wedding gowns exclusively found only at Savvy at a very affordable price point. Our wedding...

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Savvy Weddings: Larran & Josh

After getting engaged in Amsterdam, Netherlands, couple Larran Williams and Josh Crumley knew their actual wedding had to be something special. “Travel is a passion we both share and connect over, so it just made sense for us to have a destination...

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Savvy Weddings: Nicole and Brian Graham

To say Nicole and Brian Graham didn’t fall in love at first sight would be an epic understatement. The pair met through a friend of Nicole’s who was dating Brian’s twin brother, but they didn’t initially click. “We had no use for one and other, we were just...

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Savvy Weddings: Keely and Mike Westfall

Keely and Mike Westfall’s Colorado wedding was nine years in the making. Keely and Mike had been friends since he transferred to her high school but started dating as they headed into college and have been together ever since. After graduating, Keely and Mike moved to...

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Get Up Offa That Thing! Wedding Music 101

Why Have Wedding Music? Music is one of the most important elements of a wedding. Without it, weddings would be quiet and boring. Even though music is so important, it’s not something that is thought about too often. What kind of wedding music should be played? Should...

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How to Say Yes to the Dress

The dress is important, too. Some women may think that the only big moment in their lives is the engagement and the wedding itself. But that’s missing a huge part of the process- finding the perfect dress! Here are some tips that will guarantee you have an easy and...

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Savvy Weddings: Kayla and Nate Launius

Slam Dunk for Love For Kayla and Nate Launius, love was as easy as A-B-C. The pair, who were friendly from both playing basketball on their respective teams at MidAmerica Nazarene University, were seated next to each other in a literature class because of alphabetical...

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Savvy Weddings: Kassi and Will Rieger

First Love When Will Rieger proposed to his now wife Kassi, he sent her on a scavenger hunt that paid tribute to their long history together. The pair met in the fifth grade when Kassi moved to Will’s school district and joined safety patrol. Will, one of the...

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Fort Leavenworth Styled Shoot

European and Romantic Styled Shoot Marie Rood of Lininger Rood Photography directed a drop dead gorgeous styled shoot a few weeks ago with one of her favorite gowns from Savvy Bridal. Marie is one of our favorite photographers at Savvy, and she always takes amazing...

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Savvy Weddings: Emily and Joe Mattli

Emily and Joe Mattli’s wedding was the happy ending of a love story that stretched back to the couple’s high school days—at least it did for Emily. “We went to the same high school in Smithville,” she says. “I was a freshman when he was a senior and he was like big...

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