5 Signs You’re Ready to Say Yes to the Dress

Oct 14, 2021Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress is no easy task. If you’re like most brides-to-be, you’ll spend hours at a bridal shop, trying on dress after dress to find the right one. You may already have an idea of what you’re looking for ahead of time, or you might have to keep trying on gowns until you find what fits your style and personality.

Many hope for that special moment when they just know they’ve found the right gown for their special day. Whether it’s a gut feeling or general nods of approval from your friends, there are always telltale signs that you’ve found the right dress for you.

Savvy Bridal works with many brides-to-be, and we’ve experienced that moment many times when our customers find something they love. If you are going wedding dress shopping soon, keep these signs in mind so you know when to say “yes!” to the dress.

1. You Can Picture Yourself on Your Wedding Day

During your bridal shop visit, you’re likely to try on a lot of wedding dresses. You may find many options that you love, but there still might be something off about them that you can’t exactly pinpoint. If you’re not picturing your future wedding dance or wedding photo album, it’s probably not the right gown.

When you find the perfect dress for you, you’ll be able to envision yourself marrying the person of your dreams. You can see yourself walking down the aisle and dancing the night away in this special gown. You may even just have a gut feeling that this is the dress you’re meant to wear on your wedding day.

One of the most special parts of your wedding will be the first looks—from your family, friends, and your future partner. The right dress is guaranteed to make them feel all the emotions along with you, like excitement and tears of joy. If you can easily picture these scenarios in your mind when you’re trying on a gown, it’s definitely the right choice for you.

2. You Feel Like Yourself

The right dress will make you feel like yourself. If you’re trying on a dress and something seems off, you’re more likely to see the flaws or feel insecure about certain aspects like the way it fits. You might also feel like it doesn’t really match your personal style.

Your wedding gown should make you feel happy, confident, beautiful, and comfortable. It should perfectly highlight your personality and style and is a physical representation of your love story.

Your perfect wedding dress will also make you forget about any flaws or insecurities you feel about yourself. If you’re worried about how your body looks, chances are it’s not the right gown for you. Instead, you should feel like your body has never looked better when you’ve found the right dress.

3. You Get Emotional

The moment that brides-to-be find the right wedding gown, they may feel overly excited, extremely emotional, or a mix of both. The perfect dress will most likely bring you to tears—in the best way. You should feel a rush of excitement, and you may even feel like you’re glowing.

It’s okay to get emotional. If you start crying the moment you find the perfect gown, you’ll only be more excited for your special day. You’ll also know for sure that it’s the wedding gown that was created just for you.

Once you find the right dress, everyone else around you will probably be crying too. If you have friends, family, or members of your bridal party with you to try on gowns, they will also get emotional with you. They may have seen you try on dozens of gowns at this point, so the one that brings them to tears is definitely a showstopper.

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4. You Don’t Want to Take the Dress Off

When you try on clothing at a department store, you’re more likely to buy clothing items that you can picture yourself wearing in the future. For your wedding dress, you’ll know you’re ready to say “yes” if you never want to take it off.

There are hundreds of dresses for you to choose from and many bridal shops to try out. When you’ve found the wedding gown for you, you have no desire to continue shopping or trying any other dresses on. Instead, you’ve found the one you want to wear on your big day.

You may experience an overwhelming, blissful feeling wearing this gown that you never expected to have. When you feel warm and fuzzy, you’ve most likely fallen in love with the dress. You feel amazing wearing it, and you can’t stop smiling or looking away from the mirror.

You also won’t be able to stop thinking about the gown until it arrives and you’re able to take it home. Fortunately, once you have the dress in your possession, you can try it on at home as many times as you want.

5. You’re Ready to Add Accessories

Leading up to your big day, you may already have an idea of some of the bridal accessories you want to wear with your gown. Accessories can truly complete your wedding look and complement your wedding dress. These may include jewelry, shoes, veils, belts, hair accessories, and more.

You’ll know you’ve found the right wedding dress for you when you begin to think about how you want to accessorize it. For most brides-to-be, this process typically begins with the veil. You may want to wait to try on your veil until you’ve found your gown. The veil will add to the special feeling that this is the dress you’re meant to get married in.

If there are other pieces of jewelry you’re already planning to wear, like family heirlooms, you may find that you’ll want your gown to match these timeless pieces. If the extra touch of sparkling jewelry doesn’t affirm your opinion about a particular dress, it’s probably best to keep shopping.

When you’ve found your wedding gown, the accessories you choose will add any extra touch of sparkle you’re looking for. They are bound to only make your wedding day look more special and personalized to your style.

Saying Yes to the Dress at Savvy Bridal

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