Blush is having a major moment in the world of weddings, and we love it. Whether it’s bridesmaids dresses, flower arrangements, cakes, shoes, or even wedding gowns, this pretty pale hue is everywhere.

Blush kind of gets a bad rap — but it is not to be confused with light pink. Light pink is often considered an overdone, cliché wedding color or “way too girlie” from your fiancé’s point of view. Just think of blush as light pink’s more mature, prettier older sister.

The Dress 

blush wedding dress

Why not try on a few blush wedding dresses! This color might look strange to you when it’s next to all of the ivory dresses you picked out, but take it from the pros, it looks incredible once you put it on. Blush has some sort of inexplicable magical power that causes it to look amazing on everyone. The soft hue not only flatters virtually every skin tone, but also gives the impression of tan, glowing skin — even if you’ve been cooped up inside watching Netflix all winter.

The Cake

blush cakes

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to bring blush into your big day, opt for a blush-colored cake! If your flower arrangements also have some blush in them, include a few blossoms into your cake or around the cake stand to really tie your color scheme together. Not sure what other colors to pick? We love blush with gold (bonus points for rose gold!), cream, darker pink, and peach.

Other subtle ways to add blush: bridesmaids dresses, shoes, table settings, decorations, invitations & more!