Contrary to popular belief everyone is not trying to get over on you. Majority of vendors in the bridal industry are very passionate about their craft. However, as the consumer you have to also understand that for a lot of vendors it is their livelihood. So those lovely and magical moments produced by these vendors that you see on social media cost good money to make happen.

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Remember to stay realistic and within in your own budget. Try not to get caught up in a fantasy that you see on Pinterest and on other social media outlets.

With that being said please let me take a moment to talk about the area I am more familiar with. No you do not have to break the bank to look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day. However, it is very important to do your research. The cost of the gown will vary by designer.  Usually for a certain quality you are going to pay a little more than average. Cost will also vary by trend and material.  Around this time of year we are dealing with more Spring brides and I find more often that a lot of Brides are into gowns with sleeves and lace. With more detail like bling or any embellishment you should expect to pay more.

So here are some tips when figuring out the perfect gown for you:

  1. Set a budget: Be willing to be flexible enough to go over by about $200-$300. Also keep in mind alterations as well. So if you only want to spend $800 on your gown period. The gown itself should be no more that $500-$600.
  2. Research: While Pinterest is a great resource for ideas for everything. Do your due diligence and try to find out the designer and figure out if the gowns that you like are attainable. Also most designers have multiple lines that fit different budgets, so you don’t also have to compromise for the look you love.
  3. Make an appointment: Despite if they do welcome walk-ins. Having an appointment will allow your consultant the opportunity to have a general idea of what you are looking for and make for a more productive appointment for everyone.

I cannot stress enough to stay open minded and educate yourself.