To Tradition or Not Tradition?, That is the Question

Oct 13, 2016Wedding Obsession, Wedding Tips, Wedding Trends

So when I think of weddings the first thing that comes to mind is ‘tradition’.  Wedding traditions can vary by ethnicity, religion, etc.  I have noticed that some couples are starting to skip on some of those popular wedding traditions.  So here are 6 Wedding Traditions You Should NOT Feel Bad About Skipping.

1.Wearing a White Wedding Gown: For some brides for religious reasons that opt for a White gown that is symbolic of purity. Most traditional brides lean more toward a Ivory gown so that it doesn’t appear too off track from traditional. However, the more trendy bride will venture into colors like blush, champagne or nude. Seems as though the more ‘themes’ become more popular the bride tends to care more that her dress matches the venue more that what color it is.

2. Appointing just one Flower Girl and Ring Bearer: Now from my experience I have always known there to be more than one flower girl because my sisters and I are triplets. There is no rule that says there can only be one flower girl and one ring bearer but traditionally there is only one.  You shouldn’t feel like you have to pick just one girl or boy.  So choose as many as you want. You may have more than one niece or nephew that you want to participate in your special day, so choose them all.

3. Choosing Matching Bridesmaids Dresses: No longer do your bridesmaids have to look like clones. Your selection of bridesmaids was more than likely based on a their unique personality so why not let that show in their dress? Now I’m not saying the dresses shouldn’t flow and not compliment the bride by any means. However, the reality is all of your bridesmaids are not the same size and they will not all look good in the same style/silhouette.  So choose a style that pleases all body types.

4. Seeing the Groom Before You Say “I Do”: Currently most couples are opting for the “first look”. Where the moment is photographed of the couple seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony.  This moment is usually away from family and friends for just the couple to share.

5. Having a Tiered Wedding Cake: The traditional 3 or more tiers has faded and only cake as a sweet option at the reception is a thing of the past. From a simple single layer to the groom having his own special  themed cake as well. Donuts, pies, cupcakes, etc. The skies the limit for whatever you sweet tooth desires.

6. Throwing of the Bouquet and Garter:  Depending on the size of the guest list, this tradition may not be relevant.  If you don’t have many single friends there is no point in making the few single ones feel awkward with all of the attention on three ‘single ladies’.  Talk about awkward.

Rules were made to be broken and I don’t see anything wrong with switching up a little bit. Ultimately, skipping on a few ‘traditional’ things on your wedding day will not make or break your union.  Traditions do not predict longevity.



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