Why understanding what your bridal size is so important!

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Time and time again we get calls and see brides on a daily bases that swear up and down they are a size 10 in jeans which in their minds they are also a size 10 in bridal. In the bridal industry their is a big difference between “BRIDAL” sizing and “STREET CLOTHES” sizing!! Especially if you have gone dress shopping first at a big chain store for example.

Most brides don’t realize that there is a big difference in sizing when you try on designer gowns and generic big box store gowns. For example you cant compare buying a cocktail dress in one size from Neiman Marcus or even Nordstrom to buying a cocktail dress from Target or even Macys. Simply put sizes vary per designer and also quality and price. Just like anything in life.

So in this blog we decided we wanted to educate our brides in understanding what your bridal size might be in reality. You want to go to your bridal appointment educated and prepared!

You will ultimately have the final call on what size you feel most comfortable in, so here are a few things in mind when doing this:

  • Each designer has their own size chart and they are all different. You may be a 6 in one designer’s dresses and a 10 in another.
  • Bridal sizes typically run at least 1-2 sizes smaller than regular clothes.(Don’t ask us why.. we simply don’t understand why designers do this! We think its silly)
  • Although you may be aiming to lose weight before your wedding, you should always consider the largest measurement on your body and what size that puts you in, and have it taken in through any other areas.
  • You can always take a dress in a few inches, but you may not have enough seam allowance to let it out enough if you go too small.
  • The gowns will come in a standard length and are hemmed later in alterations.

It is very unlikely that you will pick out a gown and think you may not require any alteration. You always, always need some kind of alterations. Every bride is shaped differently. Alterations usually run from $300-$500. At Savvy Bridal, we have a wonderful list of trusted seamstresses in the Kansas City, Metro area who would do an excellent job on your gown.

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