Total B.S. Tips About Wedding Dress Shopping

Aug 28, 2019Savvy Bride, Savvy Wedding, Wedding planning, Wedding Tips

You’ve heard it all. From custom robes, grandeur gifts and a tribe of bridesmaids, sometimes a bride forgets what’s she’s there to do during her wedding dress appointment. From the experts here at Savvy Bridal, we call B.S. on some of those wedding dress shopping tips you’ve heard.

Anti-Tip #1: Bridesmaids Make Great Dress-Shopping Companions

In so many shows and movies, you’ll see a bride bring her entire bridal party, her mom, her fiance’s grandmother, aunt, sister and so on. But it’s your dress, not theirs. Sometimes your bridal crew doesn’t come into your appointment with an objective opinion, causing stress and disarray throughout the wedding dress appointment. Bringing your bride squad isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important to remember that YOU must love the dress. And if you must bring them, give them the shakedown before you come in for your appointment and let them know that it’s about finding a dress that looks amazing on you, the bride.


Anti-Tip #2: Create a Mood Board on Pinterest

Welcome to Disappointment City. Pinterest binges might make us feel like we’re creating a vision and setting some objectives for our dress shopping experience when it can actually be the opposite. Are you sure the dress shop you’re going to will have that one dress that you fell in love with on Pinterest?? If not, get out of there. Sure, having a general vibe to show your stylist might be helpful, but if you have your heart set on something specific you’ll no doubt end up disappointed.  Plus, most of those wedding dresses are shown on MODELS. That style might look totally different on you. Be prepared to be open-minded about your vision to find the dress that’s perfect for you.


Anti-Tip #3: See ALL The Options

Tears over your one-true-dress-love are truly not required. Do you feel amazing and beautiful in this one? Then it’s probably the dress. The more dresses you try on, the more confused you’ll likely become. You don’t necessarily need to visit ALL of the bridal stores in Kansas City looking for a dress that gives you an overwhelming emotional response to know that it’s the one. Maybe the dress you feel amazing in isn’t what you envisioned. So. What. It’s your day; it’s your freakin’ dress. Do you love it? Let’s do this thing.


Anti-Tip #4: Champs Makes Champs 

What kind of decisions do you and your boozy friends make? Getting dressed to go out when you’ve had a few too many isn’t the easiest task; do you really think that trying on a full-on wedding dress is going to be easier when you’re toasted? Wedding dresses are expensive and classy… you don’t want to be the one spilling champs when you go wedding dress shopping. Save the drinks for celebrating the final decision! You’ll be super happy that you did.


Anti-Tip #5: The Dress Shopping IS the Event 

Wedding dress shopping is EXHAUSTING. If you have a couple of appointments in one day, you’ll be in and out of 20-30 dresses. Not only will you be totally pooped, but remember what we said earlier about the confusion that comes with trying on too many dresses? Everything will feel kind of blah by the end of a day with multiple appointments. One bridal store is plenty for a day of wedding dress shopping. If you do head out to multiple appointments, try not to schedule at more than two shops and DO plan a break for your squad in between to regroup and energize!

How are you feeling? Do these anti-pro tips makes you feel ready to tackle the dress-shopping experience? Our experts are happy to take you through the process (pre-bottle of champagne!)


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