Shopping for your wedding dress is an exciting event!  Peruse this checklist before hitting the boutiques to ensure your day is flawless.

  • Your Budget:  Do not go dress shopping before you have a realistic budget in mind.  Dresses range from a few hundred to several thousand, and once you fall in love with a wedding dress you will not be able to forget it easily! Whatever you do, resist the urge to try on a wedding dress that is financially out of reach just for fun.
  • Your Entourage:  It is best to limit your guests to one or two family members or friends that know you well.  The best candidates can separate their own tastes from yours as they help you with one of the most personal decisions you will make.
  • Appropriate Undergarments: You might also consider wearing Spanx if you plan to try on form-fitting wedding dresses.  There is a good chance that your consultant or friends will help you in and out of dresses, so make sure you are comfortable being seen in whatever you choose to wear.
  • A Comfortable Pair of Heels:  Your shoes have an impact on how you feel in a wedding dress, and tennis shoes just feel awkward when the rest of you is covered in satin or lace!  To avoid walking around barefoot or borrowing shoes from the bridal boutique, bring a pair of heels that you are comfortable in.
  • Inspiration:  If you have been splurging on bridal magazines, you probably have a scrapbook of dress photos by now.  If so, bring it along to aid in your initial discussion with your salesperson.  You may change your mind completely as you begin to try on wedding dresses, but pictures allow you and your salesperson to begin on the same page.
  • Bridal Accessories:  If you have a special piece of jewelry that you plan to wear on the big day, it should be considered when trying on wedding dresses.  Bring it along so you don’t have to imagine how it will compliment each dress.
  • Your Camera:  Some boutiques do not allow photos, so ask before you start snapping away.  At the very least, you will want a group shot of you with your family or friends to remember your special day!

Happy Shopping!