1. Make it small and special: celebrate your marriage with a luncheon for all of your close family and friends, instead of having a big reception. Instead of having the groom’s family paying for a luncheon, and the bride’s family paying for the reception, have everyone split the cost of the larger gathering.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.


2. If you have a large space to fill, fill it with BIG things. Large couches for extra seating areas. A single large centerpiece. Pinterest is a great source for finding fun and unique ideas on how to decorate your venue.

3.  Thrift It UP!  You’d be surprised what you can find at a thrift store or a garage sale. Keep an open mind and don’t buy everything new. Your pocket book will thank you later.

4.  Buy your cake topper on Etsy.com  – So many local artists find the most creative and inexpensive ways to make cake toppers. You’d be surprised how you can find a very unique cake topper without spending $100.


5.  Inexpensive florals are your friend!  Find a wholesaler that sells to the public. Sams clubs offers wholesale floral at a very affordable price. Put those bridesmaids to work! Have a florist make the bouquet and boutonnieres.

6.  Hire a good  photographer.  You can save and skimp on many other things about your wedding but a photographer is not a place to be  frugal. They are the one person that can capture every moment. After all is said and done with the big day all you will have is your pictures and memories. This is hands down the most important part of the wedding memories.


7.  Why hire a DJ?  If you are trying to save money and cut costs, then hire an individual that can perform live at your wedding. Sometimes its much cheaper than a DJ. You can always have an IPOD on hand with your favorite songs ready to play during breaks.