Should I Tip My Bridal Stylist?

Feb 29, 2024Wedding Tips

When navigating through the tricky process of finding the perfect dress for your big day, one question has been at the forefront of many future brides’ minds: should you tip your bridal stylist? While the practice of tipping is customary in many service industries, the rules surrounding gratuity for bridal stylists can be less transparent.

do you tip bridal stylist

Do You Tip Your Bridal Stylist?

Most bridal shops are set up so that tipping is not mandatory or expected—but always appreciated. Whether or not to personally tip your stylists is ultimately based on several factors, like the level of service provided, your budget, and the cultural norms in your area. 

Tipping your bridal stylist has been on the rise in recent years as a gesture to show your appreciation towards the person who helped you find your dream dress. These professionals often wear many hats, serving as therapists, referees, and mediators to you and the guests you bring with you to the appointment.

Reasons to Tip Your Bridal Stylist

Not all bridal stylists receive commissions on purchased dresses, and not every bridal shop will allow them to receive tips from a customer, so it’s important to ask your stylist what the norm is at that specific shop to show your appreciation. Some stylists might prefer a five-star review on Google or their website, so it never hurts to ask about their preferences or policies regarding gratuity.

These industry professionals invest their time and skills to guide you in finding your perfect dress while providing invaluable guidance and encouragement throughout the decision-making process. But does this warrant a tip? Below are a few reasons you might consider tipping your bridal stylists, especially if they’ve exceeded expectations and gone above and beyond.

1. Appointments Take a Long Time

Most wedding dress shops offer a one-and-a-half-hour appointment with a bridal stylist working closely with you. Just like any other service-oriented industry, bridal stylists dedicate their time and expertise solely to you and your guests for the slotted amount of time.

In response to the professionalism and commitment shown during your appointment, tipping can be seen as a gesture similar to tipping above the standard 20 percent when you receive exceptional service at a restaurant. 

Tipping your bridal stylists based on the timeliness of the appointment can demonstrate your appreciation and respect for their time and commitment to providing you with efficient service. It should definitely be considered in instances where your stylists extend their window of time or schedule multiple appointments with you specifically.

2. They Help You Through a Vulnerable Process

Wedding dress shopping can be seen as a vulnerable setting for many brides-to-be, considering the emotional significance that comes with choosing the right dress, body image concerns, family dynamics, and the financial investment a wedding dress involves. A bride’s dress symbolizes everything she envisions for her wedding day, so there’s a lot of pressure to find the right one.

Then, you add in the additional stress of trying on multiple form-fitting dresses in front of an ensemble of mirrors, your bridal consultant, and your family and friends, which only exacerbates the insecurities. On top of the other stressors, brides also keep their budget in mind, not allowing themselves to stumble upon dresses outside their budget

All of these factors at play can create an intense or hostile environment for someone who doesn’t know you or your guests on a personal level. But still, bridal stylists strive to manage expectations and become the bride’s advocate, all while trying to read between the lines of what the bride wants, needs, and can afford.

3. They Play Therapist & Referee

With all of the above stressors mixed in with family and friends who are your audience, it’s normal for many mixed wants, needs, and opinions. Being the bridal stylist, it can be difficult to be the bride’s advocate and make her happy while also catering to the thoughts and opinions of the other group members.

Often, bridal stylists end up playing the role of a therapist and referee, trying to maintain a positive relationship with the bride while also humoring the friends and family members at the appointment, which can be a daunting task.

do you tip your bridal stylist

How Much Should You Tip Your Bridal Stylist?

After a successful appointment, you’ve decided that you’d like to leave a tip for your stylists as a token of appreciation. But how much should you tip your bridal stylist? Tipping etiquette in this industry can vary depending on the service provided, your budget, and the culture surrounding that specific bridal shop. 

Generally, if you were pleased with the service provided, it’s customary to tip around ten to 20 percent of the total cost of the dress or a flat amount of $50 to $100—whichever feels the most appropriate after considering your level of satisfaction with the appointment and your budget.

Remember to ask about their gratuity policy as well; as mentioned above, some boutiques may already have a built-in gratuity policy or may not be allowed to take tips at all, depending on their commission salary. Either way, it never hurts to be transparent when discussing gratuity with your bridal stylist.

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Should I Tip My Bridal Stylist?

Feb 29, 2024Wedding Tips