Pieces to Accompany Your Wedding Dress on Your Big Day

The wedding dress is just one piece of what really brings together your whole bridal look. There are a variety of bridal accessories to consider adding to complete your look and add the polish that you’re looking for. What bridal accessories are available, and what you need with your dress will vary from person to person and bridal shop to shop. 

Here are some bridal accessories in Kansas City you may consider adding to complete your wedding look for your big day: 

The Veil 

The bridal veil can range from fun and flirty to formal and romantic, and some brides are foregoing the veil totally. Once you’ve chosen your dress, finding the perfect veil to complement your look is fun, and our bridal stylist experts can help you out. 

The Belt

A bridal belt can totally change the look of your dress. If you think you like the dress but it’s just missing a little something; it could be missing a belt. There are a variety of different styles to fit each and every bride if this is something that you want for your big day. 

The Shoes

Picking the perfect wedding day shoes can be tough. Do you go for comfort or for style? Do you you go neutral or pick a pop of color? Ultimately, the choice is yours!! Pick what you know you’ll love on your wedding day. 

The Clutch

Not all brides will opt for a clutch on their big day. Maybe your dress has pockets, or you know your bridesmaids will carry all of your necessities throughout the day! If you’re the bride that wants to make sure you have your favorite lip color on you at all time, or you want to make sure you have deodorant or even your phone close by – opt for a pretty bridal clutch to complement your wedding look. 

The Hair Accessories or Headpiece 

From fascinator to tiara to flower crown – your hair accessories or headpiece can really show off your personality! If you’re going for a bohemian wedding look or feeling glamourous in a ballgown, don’t forget to top off your look (quite literally!) with a hair accessories that is just perfectly you. 

The Jewelry 

Your wedding day jewelry can be simple, or it can make a statement. It can be personal or maybe it’s something you know will bling out your wedding look. Maybe it’s all of the above. On your wedding day, wear jewelry that you love and feel comfortable wearing all evening long. During the actual ceremony, it’s custom to move your engagement ring to your right hand, or simply remove it during the ceremony to make room on your left hand closest to your heart for your wedding band. After the ceremony, it’s all up to you! 

The Garter 

The wedding garter is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years and has continued to be an option for modern day bride and groom. Brides sometimes opt-out of the traditional bridal garter removal, and some still keep the single woman garter-toss tradition alive – Often to the tune of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Your wedding plan will determine your need for this accessory! 

The Undergarments  

Best chosen after the wedding dress is purchased, the undergarments will need to be selected based on the cut and fit and style of your wedding dress. Many choose to wear a Spanx-style no-show undergarment, while some opt for beautiful wedding-night lingerie. Think about what you’ll be comfortable spending all day in, and what won’t show under your wedding dress before selection your wedding undergarments. 

The Bouquet 

A lot of brides already of the image of their bouquet picked out, or at least know a color or style of bouquet that they’re looking for. With the hundreds of flower options, colors, textures, sizes, etc,. It’s good to talk to an expert about what you’re looking for, and how to get there. Here are some of the floral designers we love: 

Victorian Gardens Floral Design

Fiore Floral Studio

Twisted Sisters Custom Floral Design

Flora Design Co

Bella Chic Floral

Inspirations in Bloom

What other accessories can you think of that you might need for your big day? A cape or wrap? Gloves? What can we help you find for that perfect look on your big day?

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