Affordable Wedding Dresses in Kansas City

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When you start putting together your wedding budget, you’ll begin to consider the cost of your wedding dress. If you’ve started to do your research – even if it just means watching Say Yes to the Dress marathons on TLC – the cost of a wedding dress might start to seem overwhelming. Say no more, Savvy Brides! We’re here to help you figure out just how much you should put into your wedding dress budget, so that you can nail that overall budget on your big day. 


Average Wedding Dress Cost

The Knot shares that the average cost of a wedding dress in 2018 is around $1,600, including alterations, but not including accessories or bridal undergarments. This average takes into account brides buying their dresses new and used, and the price tag might still seem a little high to our budget-conscious brides.

So, let’s break it down for you. After examining dozens of wedding budgets, we’ve found that Glamour’s goal of spending approximately 5 percent of your total wedding budget on the wedding dress, accessories and alterations is a generally accepted rule of thumb. So, if you plan on spending $20,000 on your wedding, you’ll want to set aside approximately $1000 for your wedding dress budget, etc. 


Affordable Wedding Dresses

At Savvy Bridal, we pride ourselves on giving every single bride that walks in to our boutique a one-on-one personalized bridal experience for a fraction of the cost. You will find a curated selection of wedding gowns found exclusively at Savvy at a very affordable price point. Our wedding gowns are new designer dresses, typically priced between $800-$1500. 

You might have a modest wedding budget or you may want to spend more money on a talented wedding photographer or a fun band for your big day; these are the reasons we curate designer wedding gowns at affordable prices. We want you to feel comfortable with your budget for your big day. 

You will be able to find brand new designer wedding gowns priced at $1500, $1200, $1000 and even as low as $800. Here are a few designer gowns you’ll find in this price point: CLICK HERE

So whether you’re looking to spend the average of $1500-$1600 on your wedding day look, or you’re looking to pull back on your wedding dress budget and spend the money in other areas for your big day (or put it into savings!), you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for here at Savvy Bridal in Kansas City. 


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Savvy Bridal is the place to find affordable wedding dress. You don’t have to sacrifice quality because of price! Schedule your bridal appointment today and come see us! CLICK HERE


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Affordable Wedding Dresses in Kansas City

Making a wedding budget is important. Make sure that you know what to set aside for your wedding dress budget so that you’ll be able to pull off your big day without breaking the bank.

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