While recently attending a Wedding Conference I was able to meet a lot of vendors in the wedding industry.  Including but not limited to florist, DJs, photographers and Event planners.  All having in common working with couples to create the wedding of their dreams.  Contrary to belief there are vendors out there who are passionate and just so happen to make a living from doing what they love.  So I just wanted to share some helpful tips to consider when finding vendors for your big day.

Tip #1 Not all vendors are money hungry. Most of them shop the competition to offer affordable services to their consumer; however, they can’t give you the stars and moon for pennies in return.  Just as much as they want to deliver quality service they want to be paid what that service is worth.

Tip #2 Respecting their time is just as important as them respecting yours. Don’t take a meeting with a vendor until you are serious about making decisions and possible moving forward as client with them.  It is also important to take time to research their service and know their pricing prior to taking a meeting.

Tip #3 For the love of Pinterest!! As helpful as our boards on Pinterest can be we have to keep in mind that they are just pins. Pinterest is great for ideas but expecting someone else to create an exact replica is unrealistic.  Use your pins for inspiration and aspiration

Tip #4 Remember that you have the right to say no to a vendor early on just as much as they have a right to refuse service if the partnership is not a “good fit”.  Communicate often and early your expectations of your special day to avoid any confusion later in the planning process.


I hope these brief tips were somewhat helpful to you for starting the process of planning one of the biggest and memorable events in your life.