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Jul 11, 2016Event Space, Wedding planning, Wedding Tips

July is arguably the most patriotic time of the year, making it the perfect month for a military wedding. You can’t go to any store without seeing red, white, and blue across all of the aisles, and there are fireworks being sold along every highway. Military weddings are very popular with more and more people enlisting. The main element I think of when picturing a military wedding is the groom in his military uniform. However, there is so much more to military weddings, especially if the bride is the one in the military. Below are a few out-of-the-box ways to incorporate the military into your special day.

1. Incorporate red, white, and blue into your wedding colors. This may seem a little too obvious with a military theme, but having these colors as a part of your wedding in a subdued way is really beautiful.

2. Have an Arch of Sabers when you leave the ceremony.  Keep in mind before you do this that an Arch of Sabers can only be performed by officers. An Arch of Sabers is a perfect way to incorporate military tradition into your wedding. It is also something unique that many couples aren’t able to have at their wedding.

3. Say “I do” at a military chapel. Before you choose this option for your wedding, check with your specific branch and make sure that there aren’t certain requirements for getting married in a military chapel. However, if you’re able to get married in one of these chapels, it is a beautiful way to show military tradition in your wedding.

Whatever traditions you choose for your military-inspired wedding, make sure that they mean something to you and your groom. The military is all about tradition and patriotism. Using any of the tips above will add the perfect amount of tradition and patriotism to any military wedding.

Love always, Macy

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