The Perfect Gown Color for Your Skin

Jun 10, 2016Savvy Bridal, Wedding Dress, Wedding Obsession, Wedding planning, Wedding Tips, Wedding Trends

In my experience as a bridal consultant, I’ve had a lot of brides ask me what color they should get for their wedding gown. Nowadays, almost every dress comes in white and ivory and most dresses come in champagne and blush. It can be overwhelming to figure out which color looks best with your skin. Hopefully this color guide will help make the dress shopping experience easier.

White, or “Diamond White” as it is often referred, looks best on darker skin. Darker skin tones make a white gown pop. Sometimes white gowns can be so white that they almost have an ice blue hue to them. When put on darker skin, the blue hue isn’t as striking or noticeable. If you have a darker skin tone and want your gown to really pop and make a statement, I would suggest wearing white. Ivory is a great color for fair skinned or lighter skinned women. Ivory doesn’t wash out lighter skin tones like a pure white color does. I have heard the argument that ivory can sometimes look yellow. I have never agreed with this, especially when ivory is paired with fair or light skin. Ivory is also close enough to white that it can easily follow the tradition of having a white wedding dress without actually having a white wedding dress.

Champagne isn’t as common of a color for wedding gowns, but it is becoming more and more popular. Champagne is most commonly used as an underlay for an ivory lace gown. I love this look for multiple skin tones. It’s beautiful on darker and on lighter skin tones. The champagne is enough of a contrast for most skin tones that it looks great on everyone. The ivory lace that it is normally paired with also adds some tradition to the non-traditional champagne color. Blush started as a trend, but it has really stuck around. A lot of brides love it because it is unique and flattering. I absolutely love blush gowns with darker skin tones or with extremely fair skin. It is a beautiful color and looks great for a spring or summer wedding Although there will always be different color trends in wedding gowns, these four seem to be the most popular and have been around the longest. Whichever color you choose for your gown, just be sure to love it and love how you look in it. Each wedding gown is beautiful, especially when a glowing bride is wearing it.

Love always, Macy

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