Vendor Q&A: Jillian Randall of JJ Productions

Apr 5, 2018Wedding planning, Wedding Tips, Wedding Vendor Highlight

If you’ve ever started planning a wedding and thought, “How am I ever going to manage this?” you’re not alone. Fortunately, wedding coordinators like Jillian Randall of JJ Productions exist to take the reins and advocate for you every step of the way.

“Our biggest thing is we only take so many weddings a year,” she says. “We like to keep it intimate in nature to ensure that the person you are talking to the whole time is the person that is also by your side all day.”

We talked to Jillian about her process, memorable wedding moments and how to find a coordinator who is right for you.

How did you get started with wedding coordination?

I had been working on the restaurant marketing and event side of things within the city for a few years and wanted to expand my wings to see where else I could take this.

What do you most enjoy about what you do?

Getting to be a part of such a big chapter in a couple’s life. No matter if it’s day-of or full-service planning, you always seem to leave the day a part of the family.

How does the process work when a couple first contacts you? How do you work with them to create a wedding they will remember forever?

I like to sit down or chat with each couple on the phone prior to booking. Since you do become such a big part of their lives and truly advocate for them on the wedding day, you want to make sure everyone meshes well together.

Our whole first meeting is just about what the couple wants or any pictures that have been catching their eyes, then I have them prioritize their wedding day details. This helps us later with budget planning and focusing the budget on what the couple feels is a want and a need versus just a need.

What are some of your favorite projects or most memorable moments?

I had an amazing couple get married at Union Station and they really played up the travel/train theme. All of their guests were in from out of town, so it was such a great staple location to have their wedding at and a great way for their guests to get to experience Kansas City.

I also had another couple go with a backyard wedding at the bride’s parents house and there was going to be a downpour in the middle of the ceremony and reception, so the day before the wedding we literally changed everything and made it an afternoon wedding.

What do you suggest people think about when they’re trying to pick a coordinator for their wedding or trying to decide if they would benefit from having a coordinator in general?

A day-of coordinator is a must—there is so much that goes into a wedding and so many vendors to talk to that you shouldn’t put yourself, bridal party or family through that. You want to look back and make sure that you got to enjoy every moment along with the people that you want there the most.

As for picking someone, I always say it is about personality. Make sure you like the person you pick and you get along with them because you end up being around your coordinator/planner more than your friends or family.

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