10 Wedding Dress Appointment Etiquette Rules You Should Follow

Feb 29, 2024Wedding Tips

Many unspoken rules in the wedding world can catch a new bride off guard if not properly prepared. Knowing how to navigate the etiquette rules of wedding dress shopping is essential in having the best shopping experience when choosing your perfect dress for the big day.

In this blog, we’ll dive into what proper wedding dress shopping etiquette means and looks like. Here are ten wedding dress appointment etiquette tips you should follow for a successful bridal appointment.

wedding dress appointment etiquette

1. Always Book an Appointment

The main reason you’ll want to book an appointment for wedding dress shopping beforehand is to ensure that you receive dedicated and personalized attention from a knowledgeable stylist who can efficiently guide you through the process of finding your perfect bridal gown. 

Bridal consultants are thoroughly experienced in finding dresses that complement a certain body type and align with your unique vision. Booking an appointment for your dress fitting is essential to get the most out of your experience with expert guidance and personalized attention to detail.

At Savvy Bridal, we require brides to schedule appointments with us to ensure that each of our brides gets to have the experience they deserve during their appointment.

2. Research Ahead of Time

It’s important to do some homework on your end before arriving at your bridal fitting appointment. Researching certain styles, designers, and price points beforehand is beneficial to give your stylists a starting point on your bridal fitting journey. This will ultimately give your stylists a good idea of the type of dress you’re looking for.

By narrowing down your desires, you are more likely to be put in dresses that you may say yes to.

3. Ask for the Store’s Picture and Video Policy

Many brides-to-be value privacy and feel more comfortable in a low-key setting when deciding on something so important and personal. For this reason, some wedding dress shops have a no-picture and video policy. 

Additionally, some boutiques may carry exclusive styles they don’t want competitors to get a hold of. To be safe, ask about that store’s policy before taking any pictures. Savvy Bridal is happy to allow photographs and videos of brides during their appointments.

4. Show Up On Time

Like any other business where an appointment is required, bridal shops often have appointments back-to-back, which means to get the most out of your fitting appointment, it’s essential to be on time and use your time efficiently. It can be seen as disrespectful to show up late and still expect a full appointment. 

5. Dress Appropriately

Wearing the correct undergarments is another bridal dress shopping etiquette rule that’s extremely important for the proper fit of your wedding dress. Your undergarments can significantly affect the overall fit, so it’s important to ensure you’re wearing the right bra and underwear to get a more accurate sense of how the dress will fit once it’s tailored to your body.

Additionally, many bridal gowns require special types of undergarments to complement the unique silhouette of the dress. For example, if you’re considering a strapless wedding gown, it’s probably best to wear a strapless bra to the fitting.

wedding dress shopping etiquette

6. Don’t Bring Too Many People

The wedding dress try-on process isn’t made for large groups. So, who are you supposed to bring dress shopping? Proper wedding dress shopping etiquette is to bring just a handful of your close loved ones. That could be family members or friends. 

Professionals in the industry recommend bringing only a few people to avoid clouding your true judgment on a dress. You don’t want to end up listening to other’s opinions more than your own when deciding on your wedding gown. However, it can be easy to do when your opinions are being washed out by others.

7. Communicate Your Budget 

Being upfront about your budget will help you find a dress you can afford. Your stylist’s job is to help you find a dress that you’re happy with, as well as keep you within your budget. They are not there to judge or try to upsell you, so being completely transparent about your budget from the beginning will make the dress fitting process go much smoother for you and your stylist. 

8. Have an Open Mind 

Keeping an open mind during your wedding dress shopping experience will allow you to explore a wide range of styles while also leaning on your bridal stylist for advice and expertise. Staying open-minded also helps you adapt to how each dress fits your unique body shape. You might discover that you like a certain style more on you than you would’ve liked another on a hanger. 

9. Give Your Honest Opinion

Do not hold back your honest opinion. Your stylists likely didn’t design the dress you’re trying on, so it won’t hurt their feelings if it’s not the right fit for you. Providing honest feedback during your wedding dress fitting will be more helpful to you and your stylist than trying to walk on eggshells and not hurt feelings. 

Being honest about your preferences will help you and your stylists find the perfect dress for you sooner, making it a smoother, less stressful process for everyone. 

10. Tip Your Bridal Stylist

Like any other service-oriented industry, tipping your bridal stylists is a kind gesture showing your appreciation and acknowledging your stylist’s hard work and dedication. Though they may not ever mention tipping or say that it’s required, if you feel they did an excellent job guiding you through your dress journey, adding a little extra money on top for your stylists is always appreciated. 

Adhering to these wedding dress shopping etiquette rules can make your overall shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved. By following these ten etiquette rules during your wedding dress appointments, you not only show respect for the stylists and other brides-to-be but also maximize your chances of finding the perfect gown.

If you have any additional questions on the topic of wedding dress appointment etiquette rules, reach out to our expert bridal stylists at our Kansas City or St. Louis locations. We can answer any questions or concerns about your wedding dress appointment. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our team, and let’s embark on the journey to finding your dream dress together.

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10 Wedding Dress Appointment Etiquette Rules You Should Follow

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