What Should I Wear to Try on Wedding Dresses?

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Many brides-to-be look forward to their bridal appointment, where they’ll finally be able to say “Yes!” to the dress. However, it can be confusing to know what you should wear to try on wedding dresses, and many may bring the wrong clothing and end up having a harder time picturing what their dress will really look like on their big day.

So, what should you wear to try on wedding dresses? Below, we’ll discuss a few tips we recommend to ensure your bridal appointment is as smooth as possible.

What to Wear and Bring to Try on Wedding Dresses

When trying on wedding dresses, it’s important to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to take on and off. In general, you’ll want to avoid wearing heavy outwear, jewelry, and other clothing items that can easily interfere with the fit of the dress.

Additionally, wearing the wrong undergarments can change how the dress looks on you, making it that much more important to wear the right thing. If you want to ensure that the dress looks the exact same way in the dressing room as it will on your wedding day, you’ll want to take the extra steps to wear what is appropriate.

what undergarments to wear while wedding dress shopping

What Underwear Should I Wear to Try on Wedding Dresses?

When trying on wedding dresses, it’s important to wear the type of underwear you plan to wear on your big day. This way, you’ll be able to see how the dress looks with your underwear before your wedding. However, it can still be challenging to know which type of underwear to choose. While some ladies may easily reach for a no-show thong, other brides-to-be may not find these as comfortable.

In general, the underwear pieces you choose should be a neutral color that will blend in with your skin. It’s also best to find something that’s seamless to avoid any panty lines from showing through the dress. For the bra, choose something strapless and seamless, as well as in a neutral color.

Additionally, the underwear you choose may also depend on the type of wedding dress you’re looking for. While some brides-to-be may have no idea what they want when going into their bridal appointment, others may already know ahead of time the style they’ll prefer. For example, if you’re set on wearing a strapless gown on your wedding day, you’ll want to choose your bra accordingly to prevent the unsightly look of bra straps.

Should I Wear Shapewear to Try on Wedding Dresses?

Shapewear is another undergarment alternative that brides-to-be can consider while trying on wedding gowns. Some types of shapewear provide coverage from below the chest to the mid-thighs and even all the way to the midcalf! And, since shapewear typically sits under the bra, you can still wear whatever bra you choose that works well with your dress.

What Shoes Should I Wear to Try on Wedding Dresses?

Your wedding shoes are just as important as the dress, and you’ll want to wear the same shoes or similar ones during your bridal appointment. This is mostly to ensure that all dress alterations are done properly but also so you have an idea of what the dress and shoes will look like together on your big day.

If you don’t have your wedding shoes yet, we recommend wearing shoes that are similar to what you plan walking down the aisle in. For example, if you are planning on wearing heels, make sure to bring another pair of heels of the same height to your bridal appointment, since the height of the shoes can make a major difference in how a dress fits. This is especially important if the dress you are trying on is floor-length or has a long train.

hairstyle to try on wedding dresses

How Should I Wear My Hair to Try on Wedding Dresses?

When trying on wedding dresses, it is essential to have the best vision possible of what you will look like on the big day. To achieve this, you’ll want to style your hair accordingly. While you don’t need to have your exact wedding look during your bridal appointment, having the right hairstyle will make trying on dresses a lot easier.

An updo is typically the most popular choice for bridal fittings because it pulls your hair away from your face, further accentuating the details of the dress. If you’re planning on wearing your hair down on your wedding day and, therefore, want to do the same during your bridal appointment, it’s best to bring a hair tie or clip in case you need to put your hair up while trying on certain styles.

Should I Wear Makeup to Try on Wedding Dresses?

It’s okay to wear some makeup during your bridal appointment to ensure you are feeling your best and most confident when trying on wedding dresses. However, we recommend keeping makeup to a minimum to avoid marking up any dresses you don’t plan on buying.

Trying on wedding dresses is an exciting process and a sacred moment for many brides-to-be. To avoid any extra stress during your bridal appointment, it’s best to pick the right clothing to have the best idea of what your dress will look like on your special day.

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